Bespoke represents a service of excellence from Petru&Claymoor, through which is built, in the style of the house, a personalized wooden shoe last for every customer.

Our artisan, having more than 20 years of experience in the field of shoemaking, will create a unique last according to the customer’s measures, last that will be marked with the customer’s name and that will be used in further orders.

In the center of this service of excellence lies the relationship with the customer and the counseling provided by Mircea Cioponea and Petru Coca to every customer. The measures are taken both in a classic manner, by determining the feet parameters, and by creating a personalized print.

This service is addressed to both customers used to exceptional bespoke shoes and customers with problematic measures, deriving from certain conditions.

Within this service there is the possibility of certain trial sessions, between 1-3, depending on the complexity of the order.

As far as the shoe delivery period is concerned, we managed to shorten it after the final test, this period being one of the shortest in the shoemaking field.

Each pair of Petru&Claymoor bespoke shoes represents the highest step in the artisan’s craftsmanship, being a proof of service excellence for an exceptional customer.