Transylvania remains one of the last enduring centers of craftsmanship and manufacture. Traditional shoemaking means that each pair of shoes is handstitched as it was centuries ago. Technology may come in handy for others, but the artistry of an experienced pair of hands is what makes the difference. Our difference.

Our story

Petru&Claymoor goes back to 2018, when two men style`s aficionados decided they had at least one thing in common: an immense esteem for the handmade, hand lasted shoe. Both Petru & Mircea (Claymoor) developed a love story with shoes gradually, starting with ready to wear brands, then Made to Order and, finally, Bespoke. Furthermore, a whole new world opened in front of their eyes (and at the tip of their toes): the world of the gentle craft, in which every pair of shoes authors its own story, from the first sketches and measurements, up to the perfecting touches of brush.

Petru&Claymoor is the first Romanian bespoke men shoes boutique, with no compromise in the quality and the artisanship. Our goal is that the shoes we handmake in Transylvania travel the world along with their owners.

Let’s be straight about it: we only do 100% handmade shoes, from the best leathers available globally, coming from the most coveted tanneries, using our own designs and patterns.
This fully entitles us to say it as it is: our shoes are exceptional. Behind this word lies the artistry of our Transylvanian artisan, as well as our vision, expertise and dedication. We are proud to take this heritage to the next level. Therefore, our shoes are stories we write shoulder by shoulder with our customers.

Our workshop

Imagine a picture frozen in time, where our craftsman takes his time and measures the days according to only one goal: the quest for perfection. There are no machines, as each step in the process of shoemaking is manual: threading, clicking, lasting, sole stitching and polishing.

Transylvania shoes are unlike any other. A handcrafted leather shoe made in Transylvania is a reflection of your personality and style, because they are designed to make you look good and feel comfortable every step you take.

Transylvania Made

We not only sell shoes, but a whole experience. At a certain point, it only came natural for our customers to ask for more. They loved our upholstered leather armchairs, they treasured the boxes our shoes come in, they asked about the walnuts tables that we use for displaying the shoes or leather samples.

Therefore, we use the same Transylvanian craftsman to provide upon request the followings:

  • The upholstered leather armchair
  • The walnut table with brass insertions and handmade curved edges, reminding of the German fortified churches
  • The walnut box, with Alcantara lining and handmade bone-carved logo

Transylvanian Crafts

Unique pieces of furniture handmade in Transylvania