About us

The story of Petru&Claymoor is the fruit of a friendship between people sharing a passion: the men shoes. Our friendship began in 2000, once Petru arrived in Bucharest from Kishinev. We discovered that we were both animated by the same ideals and that we shared the same passion for men shoes. We were both involved in the world of shoes, one (Mircea) being the founder of the Claymoor’s List blog, and the other (Petru) possessing a considerable experience related to the birth of a luxury brand in the Republic of Moldova.

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NICHOLAS DE ROUMANIE became since 2018 the first Ambassador for Petru&Claymoor. We are extremely honored to be represented by the grandson of the last Sovereign of Romania, HM King Michael, and we do our best every day…

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The By Request service offers the customer the possibility to create his own unique pair of shoes, adapted to his style, starting from three shoe lasts: VD1, VD2 and Viena.

Each choice is made under the advice of either Petru Coca, or Mircea Cioponea, thus ensuring the fact that the resulting pair will be no less than perfect. We personally advise each customer during all stages, from choosing the style and the leather up to verifying the sample shoe and to the moment of delivering the pair. Our presence is the very guarantee of the fact that every desire will materialize according to the customer’s wish.

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Bespoke represents a service of excellence from Petru&Claymoor, through which is built, in the style of the house, a personalized wooden shoe last for every customer.

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