Craftsmanship & Process


The Petru&Claymoor logo synthesizes the values from which we start and the tradition which we continue. Every element is a symbol of what we so passionately do.

The name

Petru&Claymoor is a tribute to the interwar handicraft firms, where the owners’ names were a warranty for the quality of products. At Petru&Claymoor we do not hide behind some abstract brand name, because we want to leave as inheritance to our children a dignified craftsmanship and business model.

The stylized shoe last

represents our first shoe last. It is the expression of the traditional shoemaking idea, the Petru&Claymoor last being the central piece of the entire shoe structure. Petru&Claymoor last represents comfort and elegance. The last is the central axis on which we build the shoe. The shoe last from Petru&Claymoor is built in tens of hours after tens of tests, considering the anatomic characteristics of our customers. Because we are proud of what we created, we decided that it should be an integrant part of our logo.


Transylvania is the place where our studio is. We chose this place because it is a symbol for the wood and leather artisans’ tradition and also a territory impregnated with Austro-Hungarian influences. Crafts perfected in Transylvania thanks to these influences, the communist period being unable to erase a 400-year old tradition. Mentioning the origin in our logo is a tribute to the tens of shoemakers and other artisans that kept the handicraft’s flame alive within the Romanian space.

Our studio is the expression of traditional shoemaking. We do not use machines for sewing the frame, only the artisan’s hands. The lasting, as well as the patina, are done manually.

The process of creating the shoe begins with taking the measures by Mircea Cioponea or Petru Coca. The measures are taken from each foot, thus taking into account the differences between feet, the anatomic particularities or other specific problems of the customer

In this stage, the customer will choose how the final shoe will look like.

The last

Our customers may choose, in the By Request stage, from three types of lasts: two with a rather supple allure – VD1 (soft square) and VD2 (chiseled) – and a broader one, for those who prefer a more Viennese look. The third last bears the name Viena, honoring the city that inspired the civilization and the culture from Transylvania. All lasts are original Petru&Claymoor creations.


The leathers from which shoes are manufactured can be Box calf, baby calf, Suede, Hunting calf, embossed leathers, Russian leathers, Museum calf. Leathers are vegetable tanned in French, Italian or German tanneries. We work only with the highest quality leather.

For the amateurs of special patinas, we use French Crust and Saphir paint.

Lovers of exotic leathers can find an ample selection of such textures, like alligator, crocodile, hippopotamus or ostrich. All leathers come from certified sources. By request, we can obtain any type of leather the customer desires.

The sole

This one can be done at the thickness required by the customer. You can choose to apply a Vibram pad on the sole or a buried golden metal tip.

The monogram

The expression of individuality can be reinforced by the customer’s monogram in letters.

Once the measures have been taken, the test shoe is created according to the customer’s measures. The test shoe is a shoe with glued sole, which can be cut in order to observe the way of stepping of the foot.

The next stage is manufacturing the shoe faces, according to the model chosen by the customer, from the test leather. The craftsman chooses carefully each place from which he cuts out of the big piece of skin every side of the shoe’s face, making sure that only the leather with the best features will fit into it. Then he will thin the edges in order for these to fit perfectly in sewing. Also now, the liner will be attached to the faces and they will be added holes for laces, elastics or other elements.

Once the test face is finished, it is lasted and a glued sole is attached to it. The test shoe is now finished, and it will be offered to the customer in order for this one to convey his impressions and to observe the changes that need to be made. All changes will be made in agreement with the customer, but we advise the customer, with regard to measures, to listen to the counsel of the person assisting him in tests.

The final measures being established, the shoe’s upper is manufactured. Then the leather counters are added and the skin is wet and lasted. The shoe will spend the next few days on the last. This stage is very important, its purpose being to remove all tension from the skin, in the end the leather having to take the shape of the last perfectly, avoiding the apparition of abnormal creases. After this period of time, the cork is added, the frame is sewn with waxed thread, and then the sole is sewn, after previously being cut from a big piece of vegetable tanned bend. Finally, the heel will be made from bend and processed with glass and sandpaper, and then it will be attached to the sole. The end is reserved to the monogram, which will be beaten with gold nails, and to other small finishes.

The last stage is the final finishing. It is a very important stage in which the craftsman, with the help of creams, brushes and wax, will finish and give the shoe its final elegant aspect. Both faces and sole are finished. The artisan’s mastery will lead to a spectacular shoe, worthy of being placed in the delivery box for the customer.

Before delivery, every pair of shoes is carefully inspected by only two people together: Petru Coca and Mircea Cioponea. They will inspect the upper faces, the interior, the sole, the heel, the face and sole stitches, the patina, the lustre and the general aspect. If they both agree that all quality standards are respected and that the pair is an exceptional product, the shoes will be added the personalized shoe trees, they will be placed in English tweed bags and they will be carefully put in the wooden box in which they will be delivered to the customer.

The customer will receive the shoes after few  months, together with the 20-year warranty that we offer to the product. Our ideal is that any gentleman coming to us as a customer leaves as a friend. Because Petru&Claymoor makes shoes “with friends, for friends”.

For all the pairs of shoes manufactured by us, as well as for other pairs of shoes belonging to the customer that are not made by us, we provide a polishing and maintenance service, in which, after two days, shoes are given a new face.

By request, we can also provide a repairing service.