About Us

Once upon a time


The story of Petru&Claymoor is the fruit of a friendship between people sharing a passion: the men shoes. Our friendship began in 2000, once Petru arrived in Bucharest from Kishinev. We discovered that we were both animated by the same ideals and that we shared the same passion for men shoes. We were both involved in the world of shoes, one (Mircea) being the founder of the Claymoor’s List blog, and the other (Petru) possessing a considerable experience related to the birth of a luxury brand in the Republic of Moldova.

Along the years I wore all types of shoes, starting with ready-to-wear brands, then made-to-order and, eventually, bespoke. I met talented shoe creators, extraordinary artisans and, most of the times, beautiful people. People guided by the passion for a craft which the British so elegantly call the gentle craft.

At the beginning of 2018 we decided to co-found Petru&Claymoor, the first Romanian brand for bespoke men shoes, making no compromise at all regarding quality. Our ambition is that the shoes made in Transylvania are appreciated by gentlemen all around the world.

We wanted to make 100% handmade shoes, from the best materials in the world, using vegetable tanned leathers from the most renowned tanneries in the world, with our own design and shoe lasts, respecting the highest standards of quality and, especially, respecting the values to which the brand is attached. Because we, at Petru&Claymoor, strongly believe that any exceptional thing, be it a shoe, a suit or an idea, is the expression of certain values without the slightest compromise.

We make exceptional shoes, we make them manually and we make them in Transylvania, all pairs being sewed by the hands of a Transylvanian shoemaker. We incorporate in them the best elements in the world, we personally check each pair of shoes and we advise individually every customer. Every pair of shoes is a story, begun by the customer and completed by us. We are proud of the inheritance that we carry on, of the values we have in common with our customers, as well as of the fact that our friendship gave birth to an exceptional thing: the Petru&Claymoor bespoke shoe.

Mircea Cioponea

Born in Bucharest in 1980, Mircea is an Expert Accountant, having graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. In 2006, at the urging of a good friend, Radu Morariu, he founded Claymoor’s List as a side-project through which to express his own vision regarding the men style and especially the men shoes.

In more than 10 years since its founding, Claymoor’s List became a leading site for shoemaking aficionados all over the world. Claymoor’s List’s interviews made the reader know the people and the stories behind successful shoemaking or tailoring brands.

Over time he wrote articles about shoes in various publications, participated at presentations dedicated to men shoes and promoted exceptional products.

He is keen on painting, suits, shoes and good food. And, above all, he is keen on his friends.

He lives in Bucharest, in an interwar blockhouse representative for the city’s history, he is married, has two children and a room dedicated to the more than 40 pairs of footwear that he owns. And this is only the beginning…

Petru Coca

Born in XX in the Republic of Moldova, he is a classic example of a self-made-man. At the age of XX, taking advantage of an agricultural crisis, he earns his first 30,000 dollars by selling agricultural products in Ukraine. He will spend 1000 dollars on a gold coin which he will keep until the age of 30, as a reminder of that first successful deal.

He is formed in Kishinev as a businessman, being involved in various businesses, such as restaurants, medical clinics, real estate business and fashion. Along the years he travels often to Russia, Western Europe and Northern Africa, in order to establish the basis for successful partnerships. During all these trips he meets people, makes friends and is eventually touched by the passion for shoes.

In XX he gets actively involved in a shoemaking project in the Republic of Moldova, project which will grow and become over years almost a country brand.

In XX he settles in Bucharest and continues his projects from here.

Petru is keen on the men style, wines and cars. In XX he will use the coin gained in his youth in order to buy his first Porsche.

He lives in Bucharest, in a building on Calea Victoriei, he is engaged, has a child and many plans for the future.